Wednesday 17th June 10.00am and Tuesday 23rd June 2.00pm

About Glean from Sonocent

Sonocent are passionate about improving every learner’s access to information so they’re empowered to achieve more. They develop innovative, audio note-taking software using the principle that human-centric design can transform the learning experience for the better in our digital world.

The minds behind Audio Notetaker are delighted to introduce Sonocent’s new web app Glean, aimed at students who are looking for a simple web-based note taking solution.

Glean: breaking down barriers for successful note taking

When a student takes a seat in a lecture or seminar, either in person or online, they are there to engage with and synthesize information. How this information is captured remains unchanged, we take notes.

Note-taking is used by every student to capture information. To struggle with note-taking limits the student’s potential.  Glean is Sonocent’s latest web app, designed specifically for disabled students to create meaningful notes with minimal effort.

In this session you will see first-hand how easy it is to use Glean, students can be up and running in a matter of minutes!

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